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CONTEST!!! Valentine’s Day Meme

What is this infant looking at??

Valentine, Infant, 6 months, funny, photoshop

I need some creative ideas and I will make a meme out of them!! Using the power of Photoshop, I will add some of the suggestions into this image. Ready to have a good laugh?!? So leave a comment and tell me WHAT is she looking at or what she is thinking??? If I use your idea, you’ll get a Bigby Coffee gift card coming your way!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

This was our first competition experience with Rhythmic Gymnastics. Kendyl was pretty nervous, but very excited. I was of course strapped with camera in hand to capture the moments. So proud of all these ladies and what they have worked so hard to train for. I’m looking forward to the competition in February!!

Check out this cool move!


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Newborn Session | Baby photoshoot | Macomb, MI

Michigan State Baby


One of the biggest perks of my job are being able to capture beautiful moments with some of my favorite people! Newborn photography is it’s own art form… You cannot tell a newborn what to do and they will listen! Most custom newborn shoots take about 3 hours in order to give the babies time to eat, get sleepy, get adjusted and REPEAT that process several times!!

This is my new niece Briyelle, she is 8 days new here. She took a while to get comfortable and adjusted, but once she was settled, she did amazing!! Briyelle was born a Spartan fan. Here mom went to Michigan State so, she has no choice!!

One of the most memorable things about this session was how attentive Briyelle’s dad was. Wes is my brother in law and it was so amazing to watch him take care of Briyelle and my sister. I think they are going to make wonderful parents!! Congratulations Carlie & Wes on your first baby. She is such a doll.


If you are pregnant and interested in having your own custom photo shoot, contact me today!

JMS Farewell Dance 2016

Farewell Dance Photo Gallery

JMS Farewell Dance

JMS Farewell Dance

Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure everyone is anxiously awaiting the images from the 8th grade dance!! I just want you to know that I was having some computer issues and was unable to get them posted as soon as I would have liked… I apologize for the delay.


Dawn Townsend